4 Ideas for an unforgettable bachelor party in Portugal

4 Ideas for an unforgettable bachelor party in Portugal

Being a surprise party, organized by friends, more and more the bride and groom themselves choose to participate in the organization. And it is very common to have a joint party where all friends get together, planning activities to have fun together!

Independently of the option, the important thing is to celebrate the entrance in this new stage with a bachelor party worthy of the name and 2BE1 presents some very fun suggestions.

Be careful not to fall into the temptation of having the bachelor party the day before the wedding. Make it a week before or even 15 days, to recover from the party and thus go fresh to the big day.

Suggestions for the bachelor, bachelorette or all together party:


1 – Gather a group of friends and spend unique moments on a Segway’s or Buggies ride, or even a go-kart race, followed by dinner and lots of animation.


2 – For a different bachelor party, why not opt for a day of extreme sports in nature: rafting, canyoning, climbing or even a parachute jump, among many other possibilities.


3 – If you still like to play with your friends as you did when you were a child, how about “diving” into the Marvel Universe? Be a Super Hero for a day and overcome challenges in interactive and fun activities.


4 – If you prefer just a dinner party but would like some entertainment, opt for a themed dinner party, with a comical, mischievous, meddlesome and playful entertainer.


Did you like the ideas?


Also don’t forget to make a small reportage during the bachelor party and record these moments forever!