5 reasons why a destination wedding in Portugal is the perfect choice

5 reasons why a destination wedding in Portugal is the perfect choice

How exciting!

The time has come when you and your loved one decide to get married!

In the midst of a real whirlwind of emotions, the question arises … Where to get married?

When the proposal is made and you say yes, the emotion and the desire to share your happiness with everyone soon give way to a thought: how to make that day perfect?

How to make this special moment an unforgettable experience for you, your family and friends?

It is at this point that the idea of a destination wedding arises and, Portugal has to offer, perfectly, unforgettable experiences that you have always imagined for your wedding.

Here are the top 5 reasons why a destination wedding in Portugal is the perfect choice.



Been to Portugal?

It is difficult to explain how great is its wealth, its history, its tradition, its culture.

It is a country that “embraces” the Atlantic. Arrival land, departure land.

Celts and Normans, Romans and Arabs, alternated in time, leaving a trace of their passage on the face of the people, their history and culture. An unparalleled architectural richness, visible in Castles and Palaces from a fairy tale.



In Portugal, we do not eat to live, but we live to eat.

Food is culture, pleasure, fun, conviviality, sharing, relaxation, an act of love and an act of welcome.

From fruits, vegetables and herbs to fish and seafood just out of the sea … A true aromatic, colorful and tasty explosion.

Surely, your guests will not forget your wedding food in Portugal!

Great Portuguese wines, increasingly important, much appreciated in the world, then accompany the excellent food.

They are the Greens and Whites or Rosés and Reds, from the famous and rich wine regions, from the Douro or Alentejo!

This makes Portugal the ideal place for those who like to taste the good things in life and is certainly a playground for any wine lover.



At each corner, there is a continuous discovery of something different from the previous one, allied to this; Portugal has a mild climate, where the sun shines 360 days a year!

Sea with its cliffs or golden sand…

Green mountains and enchanted forests…

Plains, wide Vineyards that follow endless golden fields of wheat…

From North to South, Portugal is a palette of colors and environments…



From wonderful Medieval Castles or noble baroque palaces, traditional olive groves or vineyards as far as the eye can see, to golden beaches with “open arms” to the Atlantic and vibrant sea experiences!

Yes, it is not a dream!

There are so many options for different locations for the “YES” moment that fit your budget and according to your personality.




The last (but also the first) point is the price. Portugal is actually more accessible than you could imagine, more than other regions in Europe. It is a country with a lot of authenticity, where mass tourism has not yet arrived and prices are therefore fairer. In addition, of course, it depends on the savings that a wedding planner can get for you. Asking for help from a wedding planner can save a considerable amount of money, with experience in reducing costs for each part of the organization. Depending on your budget, we can propose themes for your event and the perfect wedding venue, be it an elegant villa, a rented castle, or a cozy seaside tavern.