7 Reasons to hire a Destination Wedding Planner

7 Reasons to hire a Destination Wedding Planner

With centuries of History and many Monuments, Portugal is the ideal place to have a memorable Wedding. Here you can choose to get married in a Castle or in a Palace and feel like a real Princess.

Did you know that Portugal produces some of the Best Wines in the World? In its Estates and Vineyards you will have a Country Wedding with much refinement and excellent gastronomy

Half of the country is surrounded by sea and its beaches allow you to have a Beach Wedding in a very relaxed atmosphere. Standing barefoot on the fine sand of the beach, Groom and guests await the arrival of the Bride who comes on a beautiful white horse …


If you live abroad and want to have your wedding in Portugal, we recommend hiring a Destination Wedding Planner


  1. Have a local representative

In order for everything to go as planned, it is essential to have a local representative on the destination that will be your “eyes” on the ground and will help me handle all matters related to the wedding


  1. Only talk to 1 person

Organizing a wedding requires hiring and talking to dozens of vendors. Having a Wedding Planner allows the Bride and Groom to talk to only 1 person. With the help of the Wedding Planner the Bride and Groom share their tastes and dreams and the Wedding Planner will contact the suppliers


  1. Budget Management Help – Saving Money

The Wedding Planner has partnerships with all the suppliers in the area of Weddings. This way she will be able to negotiate better prices for all wedding services.


  1. Helps you choose the best suppliers

The Wedding Planner is a professional with experience in the wedding industry and knows the suppliers and the quality of service they provide. She will help you select the best suppliers so that on the wedding day everything goes perfectly.


  1. Reduce stressful moments

By hiring the services of a Wedding Planner, the organization of the Party will run smoothly and in an organized manner reducing all the stress that usually exists when the bride and groom are the ones in charge of the event


  1. Guarantees Protocol

There is a protocol that defines the various timing and moments to be followed so that everything goes as planned. The Wedding Planner guarantees that no important moment will be forgotten


  1. Monitoring and Management of Suppliers and Guests on the Day of the Party

On the day of the Party, Suppliers and Guests have questions and need to be guided. The Wedding Planner will be on site and will be the person responsible for answering these questions freeing the bride and groom to have fun and enjoy their wedding day