Best Beaches to Get Married in Portugal

Best Beaches to Get Married in Portugal

Get Married on a Beach is the ideal choice for those who want a Wedding in a very relaxed atmosphere near the sea.

On the day of the wedding, the Groom awaits the arrival of the Bride at the altar built on the golden sand by the sea.

Standing barefoot, beautiful as a Princess, the Bride arrives and together they say “Yes” with the sound of the sea serving as a melody.

A magical and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by guests, family and friends

The party continues in the afternoon with a lunch tasting the wonderful Portuguese cuisine.

Sunset on the beach arrives and it’s wonderful in this environment by the sea

At night over the moonligth, the party continues and we dance on the beach

Portugal has several beautiful beaches, but for your beach wedding you’re the chosen Beach must have:

• Have accommodation for couples and guests nearby

• Having a good restaurant to support the Party

• Having few people to ensure some privacy at the event

• Have good weather most of the year (beaches in the center – south)


Our suggestion for the Best Beaches to Get Married in Portugal

  1. Praia do Carvalhal (Troia)
  2. Ilha Deserta Beach (Algarve)
  3. Praia dos Salgados (Algarve)