Can I get married inside a castle in Portugal?

Can I get married inside a castle in Portugal?

The answer is simple, yes, I can get married inside a castle in Portugal.

We have a variety of castles in the country, from castles from ancient times, to Moorish castles, to Gothic or Manueline castles and fortresses from the 17th century. XVII and XVIII.

What are the places where it will be possible to have my wedding, inside a Castle, here are some suggestions:

We start with the most emblematic Óbidos Castle if you are looking for a romantic, intimate and familiar place or a space to create something intimate and elegant, this is the Castle of your dreams.

For many, the Middle Ages are an exciting time. Kings and Queens starred in historical episodes that are present in people’s memories and in the country’s history. Why not use that inspiration and organize a medieval wedding reliving that moment in history, in a 12th century Castle, surrounded by a medieval village?

The Nossa Senhora da Conceição Fortress is a place full of history, refinement and culture.

Built in the years 1701 to 1740 with the purpose of defending the kingdom, it has a pentagonal layout and consists of four bastions connected by the respective curtain walls. In 2016, Fortaleza opened to the public completely remodeled in order to be a reference space that intends to be closely linked to culture and events, whether social or corporate. With a small chapel inside, this place allows for religious weddings, but if you chose to celebrate your wedding with a civil ceremony, the Fortaleza has very intimate corners overlooking the sea, which will make this moment unforgettable.

Fort São João is distinguished by its location, structure. Built in the 16th century, as a defensive structure in Vila do Conde, the Fort can host the most “In” events in the country and why not in the world. He currently hosts weddings from all over the world and develops a custom production work for events. Here you can make your dream party. Because this day is special and deserves all the attention in the world. For you, for your guests, Forte will devote all its attention and will do it with all the care and quality possible, for the realization of a successful party.

Pousada de Palmela is located in the historic Castelo de Palmela, integrating the cloisters of the former convent built in the Castle. Today as a hotel, it enjoys a splendid location on top of an imposing hill. A Pousada inn inside a castle, where you can have your wedding in its cloisters.

The Pousada de Marvão, located inside the Castelo do Marvão, is one of the most emblematic towns in the Alentejo and fits into the typical layout of the houses in the village, with a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The Medieval Village of Marvão surprises for its authenticity, contained within walls that date back to the 13th century. The inn offers a unique landscape, providing unforgettable moments combined with Regional Gastronomy and the art of hospitality.

Forte da Cruz with its monumental rooms are prepared to host events of the most varied formats, always with great elegance, making each party unique. Its great historical component, combined with its location over the sea, makes this space a magical place that transforms any event into a moment that will forever remain in everyone’s memory.

The construction of this Fort, located on Tamariz beach in Estoril, dates back to the 17th century. XVII, was inserted in a line of defense fortifications of the coast. It was intended to prevent an eventual enemy landing with the purpose of occupying the Capital.