Elopement Wedding, But what is it?

Elopement Wedding, But what is it?

Elopement wedding is nothing more and nothing less than, “eloping to get married”.

The term “elope” means “to elope”.

In the old days this term was used by brides and grooms in love who had to elope to get married in secret, when there was no parental consent.

But with the passing of time and customs the meaning of the term has evolved and today the elopement wedding is a choice that many couples make when they want a more intimate way to celebrate their love union.

The elopement wedding simply means a wedding for and of two.

Of course it does not imply that you cannot invite anyone, but the number of guests is very restricted. The invitation extends only to close family members, such as parents, children and siblings, and perhaps one or two other friends who are very close.


Elopement Wedding is perfect for couples who want an intimate and romantic ceremony, divorcees who want to remarry without large, less traditional ceremonies, or couples who simply opt for this format due to budget constraints.

Lately we have seen an increase in this style of ceremony, much due to restrictions on the number of guests imposed by the health crisis and pandemic. Couples who want to celebrate their wedding date without postponements.


The advantage of the elopement wedding is that the number of options of where to hold the ceremony becomes infinite!

From places normally difficult to access in natural reserves, castles and palaces, beaches or even at the location of your dream trip!

Besides saying yes to your dream trip… You can say yes in that special place!