Marrying in Times of Pandemic

Marrying in Times of Pandemic

How Covid-19 has been affecting the bridal sector, whether by the bride and groom, as suppliers.


At the end of 2019 we started to hear about it and today, unfortunately, covid 19 affects our daily lives, forcing us to wear masks, keep a physical distance and walk with disinfectant gel in the suitcase. Anyway, this new agent that had never been previously identified in humans and that was first identified in December 2019, in China, in Wuhan City, turned our lives upside down, confined us at home, it sent us to telework, forced our children to study at a distance, closed commercial establishments and emptied the streets, which were left without people and life.


This also led to drastic changes in family caris events, such as weddings, which were initially prohibited and today, despite being allowed, we have several conditions that we must respect.


Marriages are allowed, and it is essential that both promoters and people who intend to hold events in the current active phase of the pandemic, even in accordance with current legislation, carry out a thoughtful assessment in order to minimize the risks either for you or your family members, other guests and other participants.


What are the rules we should be aware of?

On the other hand, there is no limitation on guests, but rather a space occupancy limitation of 50% or 25%, depending on the area in which the event will take place, taking into account its risk assessment. Physical distance between people, distance of 2 meters between tables, tables occupied only by people who usually live together, use of masks by all people; compliance with respiratory etiquette, disinfection and hand washing measures; surface cleaning.


It is important to reiterate that events of any kind, in a pandemic context, can lead to increased risks to public health, whether due to the inevitable gathering during the preparation and performance of the event, interaction between participants or in relation to the specific activities of each event. Specifically, in the case of celebrations, the emotional component underlying the reason that promotes the event is an undeniable reality that leads to proximity behaviors, with sharing tending to be inevitable, as well as the participation of members from several generations, which will imply the exposure of people who, even if only because of their age, belong to groups that are more vulnerable to developing serious illness in the context of infection by Covid 19.


That said, it is essential that both promoters and people who intend to hold events in the current active phase of the pandemic, take into account the rules described above in order to minimize the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2. These measures must be permanently guaranteed.


To minimize risks, taking into account the current number of people fully vaccinated in Portugal, the Directorate General of Health and the Portuguese authorities, as of June 17, 2021, adopted new rules for family events, such as weddings, in addition. to the previous ones, that is, the rules described above are kept and the following ones are added; presentation of complete vaccination certificate more than fourteen days and in the absence of complete vaccination, or less than fourteen days, presentation of PCR test done at most 72 hours before the event, Antigen test at most 48 hours before the event certified in the laboratory or pharmacy, and carrying out a self-test on the day of the event, carried out in the presence of those responsible for the event space or certified by a health professional, on the day.


These are the rules we currently have for weddings in Portugal so that they can take place with maximum security. However, it is always worth emphasizing that all care is needed and that we must always respect all the rules defined by the authorities.