Portuguese Wedding

The perfect location and environment

Portugal is a sunny country with a great history and traditions, one of the countries in the world with the most fascinating atmosphere to do weddings because of the landscapes and picturesque locations that make the perfect visit card for the celebration, and also due to the pleasant climate throughout the year. This is one of the main reasons why couples dream of getting married in Portugal.

The celebration and meal take place usually on a big venue with good outdoor areas and a large hall that allows music and dance, like Quinta do Joinal.

Traditionally, the wedding is characterized by the religious ceremony, but also by the banquet, which is served to the guests, offered by the bride and groom.

The party starts at mealtime, which usually consists of rich and complex dishes, but also buffets with noble and varied products.

The traditions

At the beginning of the celebration, both the groom and the bride gather in, at their homes, usually relatives, offering a small welcome cocktail consisting of light meals, snacks and drinks.


The wedding ceremony in Portugal can traditionally be done by union in the church where a priest celebrates the union between the bride and groom. For those, who do not follow the religious path, the ceremony can be done by the civil registry. In either scenario, it is customary at the end of the marriage ceremony for the bride and groom to be bathed in a shower of rice and petals.

This tradition dates back to antiquity and its purpose is to bring prosperity and happiness to the couple.

Wedding rings

Traditionally in Portugal, when the bride and groom get married, they exchange rings, called wedding rings. They are an exchange between the bride and groom that represents the unconditional love and infinite union of the couple.

These rings are placed on the ring finger of each one because this finger, according to tradition and ancient belief, is crossed by a vein that connects directly to the heart. This fact is not true, but in the present it is still done this way.

Bridal Bouquet

The trend is for the bride to reserve a moment in the party to launch the bouquet. Who ever receives the flowers is a sign that she will be the next person to marry. Usually, the single women are the ones who gather with the bride to throw the bouquet.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”

Brides usually wear something that once belonged to one of the women in the family, in order to impregnate the affective bond with their family on their wedding day. Wearing something new, usually the dress, is an indication of a new stage in life and a new beginning.

Composing the look with something borrowed, implies that the bride is paying tribute to someone she trusts very much and has confidence that this person will always support her in the future.

Wearing something blue represents the purity in the love relationship between the bride and groom.

The end of the party

They regularly leave the celebration together and the vehicle that will transport them is painted and decorated with cans by the guests. Usually, it is the bridesmaids and groomsmen who do this task behind the scenes.

This tradition is intended, through the unpleasant aesthetic of the car and the thunderous noise caused by the cans, to disperse any bad intentions that may be sent to the couple.

This is one of the traditions that are falling in Portugal because of the safety rules of the road code.