The best landscapes to get married in Portugal

The best landscapes to get married in Portugal

In this text I will leave the reference of 10 places with amazing landscapes to marry in Portugal, with vineyards, olive groves, castles, monasteries, gardens, beaches, or even more urban scenarios.

Portugal is a country that, despite its small dimensions, has very different scenarios to visit, walk around and even to get married.

These 10 places that I think are wonderful are just some of the many possible places to hold a wedding with beautiful landscapes as a background or as a beautiful backdrop to get married in Portugal.


  1. INN MONASTERY OF AMARES | NORTH (Amares municipality, 80km from Porto)

From the Pestana group, the Monastery of Amares is a secluded, reserved and monumental place. It won the Pritzker Prize in 2011 for its sublime architecture.

With a true open backdrop to the mountains, it completes Amares’ timeless options with a beautiful façade and an inner area surrounded by pillars.


  1. INN VIANA DO CASTELO | NORTH (Minho, 80km from Porto)

A surprising place, with a beautiful view between the sea and the mountains in one of the most photographed perspectives in Minho, the Santa Luzia hill, with the church of Santa Luzia on top of the landscape.


  1. SIX SENSES DOURO VALLEY | NORTH (Peso da Régua, 100km from Porto)

Six Senses is a Hotel located in a 19th century farmhouse, completely renovated, located on a hill, overlooking the mountains covered with vines and the Douro river that flows at its feet.

It is a great choice for those who, above all, are looking for an incredible lodging and gastronomy experience and a winery experience.


  1. MONVERDE HOTEL | NORTH (Amarante, 50km from Porto)

The Monverde is set in a historic 320,000 m² vineyard on the Vinho Verde Route.

The old rural house has its facade painted in an intense olive green, the cellar and its huge barrels were recovered for decoration and the pool has a brown bottom, as if it were a lake.

A place of silence and beauty, made of wood, green and all shades of stone, between brown, grey, gold and copper.


  1. AREIAS DO SEIXO | CENTER (A-dos-Cunhados, 70km from Lisbon)

Imagine a Hotel with a welcoming environment surrounded by greenery, a warm and modern design, with homemade food straight from the garden, and gardens instead of roofs. Overlooking a set of splendid dunes that complete with the penetrating blue of the ocean.



Lisbon is not just urban settings, Estufa Real is the Ajuda Botanical Garden, with its charming gardens and a beauty that only this place offers, adorned by a beautiful view of the Tagus River.

In the center there is a beautiful imposing staircase where civil ceremonies can be held, but for those looking for a Church, it is 5 minutes from Jerónimos and 400 meters from Igreja da Memória.



A century palace XIX, transformed into a charming hotel, located in a residential area of the city of Lisbon, with a beautiful facade in pastel colors and an architecture that mixes classic and modern and interior decorations that respect the same ideology, including gardens of various types of subtropical plants and trees and the view of the Tagus River is splendid and wonderful.


  1. PALACE OF SETAIS | OUTSKIRTS OF LISBON (Sintra, 30km from Lisbon)

Sintra is an ancient village with its own charms and wonderful stories at the foot of the mountain. For a long time a royal sanctuary, it is filled with wooded grounds studded with farms and palaces.

This historic palace transformed into a luxury hotel, with an arch that becomes a classic for ceremonies, in addition to outdoor areas facing the Tagus River and super traditional internal rooms and an incredible view of the village of Sintra and the city. the mountains.


  1. CASTELO DE PALMELA INN | OUTSKIRTS OF LISBON (Palmela, 52km from Lisbon)

The inn is located in the historic Castelo de Palmela, a medieval castle, with some modernization works carried out in the 17th and 18th centuries, including bastions for the defense of the region and placement of artillery, integrating the cloisters of the former convent built in the Castle. Built on top of an imposing hill, we have a radiant view over the Arrábida Mountains, over Setubal and over several localities in the area.


  1. LAND VINEYARDS | ALENTEJO (Montemor-o-Novo, Évora district, 105km from Lisbon)

It is a Wine Hotel, where the vineyard appears as the key element of the landscape.

A modern architecture, with Mediterranean gardens, a restaurant awarded with a Michelin star, complete the unique space integrated in a natural landscape, overlooking the lake and the Castle of Montemor-o-Novo