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Every wedding has a unique aura, just like every couple. Therefore, we think of your wedding as a tailor-made party, created to fit your dreams. Come and discover our wonderful country, full of history and stories to tell.

Our main focus is Portugal as a Wedding Destination, which aims to bring brides and grooms from other countries to come and get married in Portugal. This includes three-day programs, with tours to various places of national and historical interest and various gastronomic and wine-tasting experiences, as well as other experiences that will aim to showcase our beautiful country. These weddings can take place in palaces, estates, vineyards or on national beaches.

Each location has its own history and experience. There is no lack of stories to tell you. Stories of kings and princesses, of monsters, battles and glories. Every corner tells its own fable. Getting married in Portugal, with the experience and the help of our team is beyond doubt a special event that will be remembered by you and your guests forever.

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